Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Almost halfway there...

Hello beautiful people,

How are ye? It is a fabulous morning in Phoenix, AZ. The weather is sunny and in the 70s...not bad for November.

Since we are almost halfway through Self Care November, now is the time to evaluate your list. At this point it is important to make sure you will be able to feel successful when this month is over.

Are there some goals that you have been avoiding? Avoidance can be a symptom of inner conflict, so try to be introspective and see if that may be the case. Avoidance can also just be what you do if you procrastinate. Not everything has to be serious.
Anyway. If there are goals you haven't been doing just see if it is because you haven't gotten around to it, or if they aren't ringing true anymore.

At the same time, celebrate the success you've been having with the goals that have been completed. here are some that I have made progress on:

-Every day, say "I deserve success". Boom.

-Self-mother...really, self-parent...regularly. Basically, you just take a situation from the past or present and imagine what you as a parent would say to you at whatever age you are/were at that time. This can also be a way to see what your subconscious expects for you in the future. During one time a while back I saw myself in a small whitewashed room that had a glass coffee table and a large lilac couch. I brought in a tray of teas and listened to a frustrated lil' Kenz as she explained her problem and looked at the origami mobile in the corner. A lovely, serene image.

-Regular meditation practice. Just make time for it, you have no excuse. Doing even 1 minute is SO MUCH BETTER than none at all. (but try for at least 5)

-Follow my creative desires and trust they will lead me back. I am in this oil painting class. I am not particularly gifted with painting, but my desire has outweighed my need to only do things when I will be 'the best'. And as an artistic/creative individual it has been a pleasure to see that at least I'm improving. An oft-cited indicator of enjoyable activities includes finding those during which you experience "flow". Painting is definitely a "flow" activity.

-Challenge excuses I make to myself, aka follow through.

-Develop mindfulness. there is this little amethyst I bought recently. Just rolling it around in my hand is good enough to bring me back to the present moment. Have you ever seen Inception? That is what I would use to see if we were in the dream or real world.

-Craft, watch movies, read, chill. Triple boom.

-Ride my bike everywhere. Now Monday is my dedicated car day. So, not everywhere. But pretty close.

-"Love is what you make it. You choose now." See steps above.

Nine down, ten to go.
Now it is time to hone in on the more complex self-care goals. Most of them (redefining expert, film about intuition, positive female role models, etc etc) are in progress, but the deals are still awaiting sealing.

Have a great day. Here is a quote to round it all out:

“If it’s still in your mind, it’s worth taking the risk.”

-Paulo Coehlo

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