Sunday, December 8, 2013

Inventory for December

Wrapping Up
And then there are those google sprees. One feels a sprinter. At your fingers are the keys rising and falling under the weight of the power that is internet access. 

People in their mid-20s are said to behave as if they were in their early teens. That this is developmentally appropriate. That it's actually a good thing. 

To purposefully escape and inadvertently further this stereotype, we collectively turn to the internet. 

The pattern goes email/facebook stalking (mild to moderate)--->wikipedia (insert topic here)--->beyonce. Thoreau has postured the notion that all news stories are the same in essence, ditto recreational electronic research. 

Because it's not interesting if it's not about me, I wonder who Beyonce's inspirations are (to learn about them and steal Bey's mojo). There has to be some external magic. But every time this search has gone through one thing is found: Beyonce inspires herself. 
So that's what Self-Care November is and was all about. Being both the fount and the font of your own inspiration. 

Hope your 'día del pavo' was fantastic, happy December. you have something to talk about when someone tells you they've been in recovery
Except when that person makes the your-words-are-strangling-me face and you know you've said too much. 

How to take an inventory:
In a nutshell---
-Who are you mad at?
-What happened?
-Which parts of the 'self' did it affect?
-What was your (mi)stake in the situation?
-What should have been done instead (and what, if anything, can be done now?)

There is also a central tenet of striving for self-reliance to a fault, and when this 'fails' inventory-worthy situations take place. 

Pretty cool mind exercise, even just to gain a fuller understanding of what it means to 'work' a 12-step program. 

Let me just throw out there that even though talking about being in 'program' isn't as popular as it once was---remember that Seinfeld episode when George expected that guy to apologize for stretching out his cashmere sweater?---it is still something with a lot of followers. It could be a combination of my line of work and the media I enjoy, but it feels like so much of my life has necessitated a cursory knowledge of AA. For a long time it seemed like hype, but the literature seems at least insightful even if you have never had substance use issues. 

Always in support of knowledge, people. always in support of knowledge. 

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