Sunday, March 4, 2012

About the process of applying

From reading What Color is Your Parachute it seems like applying for jobs can be split into two camps: effective and ineffective. There is the ineffective way of sending out resumes and making cold calls, and the effective way of sending out career portfolios and contacting organizations through acquaintances, friends, and professional contacts.

One is much more work (guess which). But I suppose it is all about what you are willing to put into GETTING the job that proves whether or not you DESERVE the position.
Since Bolles, the author of What Color..., has set up serious scaffolding concerning finding a path that taps into your passions and skills ideally you would be applying to jobs that you care about---thus are willing to put in the extra work of the second path. So maybe you find a few jobs that you really want, and tailor your existing career portfolio and resume to fit the position requirements.

I just hope it is all worth it. 

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