Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On faith

This entry is delivered via my thumbs and the kindness of my parents...gotta love smartphones.

This weekend my boyfriend and I were very lucky, and saw TWO Gila Monsters in their natural habitat. We watched the first in awe, and the second in no less such a state. Even when you see an occurrence sometimes it is difficult to believe that it is happening, has happened.

Sightings of these animals are rare, but less so when you consider where we were, an uninhabited tract of wilderness within the Tonto National Forest.

During the hike I was anxious about all the little things you can't control...during my day job I excel at being a 'control freak' and it is hard for me to switch back and forth. But seeing these monsters was a gesture from Lady Luck, a way to learn that it is sometimes the small moments you do not, cannot control that make the biggest impact.

Everything turned out ok on the hike, and (it is a theme we will explore further) all my worrying was basically an indication that I had seriously lost faith. What a pessimist! But not anymore...

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